University of Wisconsin–Madison

Song Gao

Title: Assistant Professor, Director of Geospatial Data Science Lab


2012-2017: Ph.D. in GIScience, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.
2009-2012: M.S. in Cartography and GIS, Peking University, China.
2005-2009: B.S. Honors in Geography, Beijing Normal University, China

Research Areas

GIScience, GeoAI, Geospatial Data Science, Social Sensing, Spatial Networks, Urban Informatics, Human Mobility. 

Research project descriptions can be found in the GeoDS Lab@UW-Madison webpage:

Current Research

PI: 2020-2021, American Family Insurance Data Science Institute Funding Initiative, A Deep Learning Approach to User Location Privacy Protection.

PI: 2020-2021, NSF RAPID Grant, Geospatial Modeling of COVID-19 Spread and Risk Communication by Integrating Human Mobility and Social Media Big Data.

PI: 2020-2022, Academia-Industry Collaborative Funding from Wework Inc., Location Business Modeling Using Multi-Source Big Data.

Co-PI: 2020-2021, NSF Grant, A GeoAI Data-Fusion Framework for Real-Time Assessment of Flood Damage and Transportation Resilience by Integrating Complex Sensor Datasets.

Co-PI: 2020-2022, UW-Madison 2020 Grant Round 6, A Translational and Multidisciplinary Approach to Redistricting.

PI: 2019 Microsoft AI for Earth Grant,  StreetPlay: Scoring Neighborhood Playability in U.S. Metropolitan Areas.

Co-Investigator: 2019-2020, UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research & Marshfield Collaborative Research Pilot Program: Geo-mapping antimicrobial resistance in E. coli from humans & animals.

Courses Taught

Geog 378 Introduction to Geocomputing
Geog 560 Advanced Quantitative Analysis
Geog 573 Advanced Geocomputing & Geospatial Big Data Analytics
Geog 970 Seminar in Geographic Information Science  

Recent Publications

Google Scholar Page, ResearchGate Page, ORCID

#Journal Articles 

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Awards and Honors

2020 Amazon AWS Educate Faculty Ambassador
2020 National Fellowships Engage Geospatial Research and Education On COVID-19
2020 UW-Madison Distinguished Honors Faculty Award
2019 UW-Madison Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships
2018-2019 UW-Madison Honored Instructor
2017 Fall UW-Madison Honored Instructor
2017 The 'Young Researcher Award' in GIScience selected by The Austrian Academy of Sciences
2017 International Cartographic Association (ICA) Scholarship
2015-2016 National Award for Outstanding Chinese PhD Students Study Abroad
2016 Finalist in AAG Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group Honors Student Paper Competition
2015 Third place in the Esri Intern Weekend of Innovation Hackathon
2015 Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC) Scholarship
2014 The Jack & Laura Dangermond Graduate Fellow
2014 UCSB Geography Excellence in Research Award
2014 The U.S. Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) Doctoral Scholarship
2014 Runner-up for Learning Analytics and Knowledge Data Challenge
2013 Finalist in the Robert Raskin Mashup Mapping Competition
2013 AAG International Geographic Information Fund Student Grants
2012 Outstanding Graduate Awards of Peking University
2011 Best Paper Award in the National RS&GIS Chinese Graduate Students Academic Forum
2009&2011 First Prize in the Esri China GIS Web Application Development Contest
2009 Outstanding Graduate Awards of Beijing Normal University
2006-2008 National Fellowships for Outstanding Undergraduates

Travel Grants:
2019 ICC-USNC Young Scholar 2013-2017 Jack & Laura Dangermond Student Travel Grants; 2017 NSF Travel Grant for Mobility Science Workshop at OSU; 2016 NSF Travel Grant for Mobility Science Workshop at UT-Austin; 2016 NSF Travel Grant for 2016 ACM SIGSPATIAL Conference; 2015 Travel Grant for Twenty-Year Anniversary of the International Early Career Scholars Vespucci Institute in GIScience; 2014 NSF Travel Grant for the 10th Reasoning Web Summer School; 2014 NSF Travel Grant for the International Workshop on Big Data and Urban Informatics; 2013 NSF Travel Grant for  ACM SIGSPATIAL Conference; 2013 NSF Travel Grant for CyberGIS All-Hands Meeting.

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