Umrisse der Pflanzengeographie by Heinrich Berghaus, 1838


This hand-colored map of the distribution of plants appeared in one of the most extensive and detailed early thematic atlases: Berghaus' Physikalischer Atlas. The atlas contained 90 maps in eight categories meteorology and climatography, hydrology and hydrography, geology, earth magnetism, botanical geography, zoological geography, anthropography, and ethnography many more subjects than had previously been treated in early nineteenth-century thematic atlases. Berghaus provided extensive explanations, notes to the maps (covering sources, theory, and history), tables, graphs, pictorial profiles, and other descriptive tools. The elaborate  vertical vegetation profiles at the top of the map had become common by the time the atlas was published. Dr. Heinrich Berghaus' Physikalischer Atlas, 2 vols. (Gotha: Justus Perthes, 1845-48), 5th Abteilung, Pflanzengeographie, volume 1, plate 1.

Size of the original: 36 x 46 cm.

By permission of the Arthur H. Robinson Map Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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