Cordiform World Map of Oronce Fine, ca. 1536


Although not printed until the mid-1530s, Oronce Fine began work on this double-sheet woodcut in 1518-19. Notable characteristics include the joining of the North American continent with Asia and the presentation of a large south polar region. There are two extant examples known: one in Nuremberg (dated 1534-36), and this one in the Bibliotheque Nationale. Reproduced in America: Early Maps of the New World, ed. Hans Wolff (Munich: Prestel, 1992), plate 88 (page 73) and as a full-size facsimile with commentary by  Monique Pelletier (German and French texts) in the Cartographica Helvetica "Sonderheft" series, vol 9 (November 1995).

Size of the original: 52 x 59 cm.
By permission of the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris [Res.Ge.DD.2987(63), undated].

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