GIS Certificate Program - Current Students

Michael BrenneisMichael Brenneis
Education: M.S. Geology/Hydrogeology, University of Wyoming
Application Interest: Groundwater modeling; transportation and other network analysis.

Cody CalkinsCody Calkins
Education: B.S. Soil Science,
Application Interest: Soil & water conservation, wetlands soil health

Woojin ChangWoojin Chang
Education: Ph.D. Geography,
University of Kansas
Application Interest: Cultural geography

Naomi CrumpNaomi Crump
Education: B.A. Geography,
Application Interest: Environmental health and management

Hayden ElzaHayden Elza
Education: B.A. Forest Science,
Application Interest: Forestry

Katie HardwickKatie Hardwick
Education: B.A., Music,
Valparaiso University
Application Interest: History, conservation, urban planning, social justice. Government/non-profit work.

Mitch JohnsonMitchell Johnson
Education: B.A. Geography & Spanish,
Application Interest: Human geography, conservation, human-environment interactions, urban planning

Cassie JorgensonCassie Jorgenson
Education: B.A. Geography & History,
Application Interest: Conservation & planning

Tess MacFarlaneTess MacFarlane
Education: B.A., Geography, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Environmental sustainability, urban planning

Bridget MonahanBridget Monahan
Education: B.S., History, UW-La Crosse
Application Interest: Cartography, urban planning

Dylan MoriarityDylan Moriarity
Education: B.A., History. UW-Madison
Application Interest: Cartography

Kristi NixonKristi Nixon
Education: M.S. Conservation Biology &
Sustainable Development, UW-Madison
Application Interest:  Environmental/ecological research, conservation, and sustainable development.

Natalee RobsonNatalee Robson
Education: B.A. International Studies, Political Science, and Languages & Cultures of Asia, Certificate in Global Health, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Public health, epidemiology, urban planning, food security

Michael SmithMichael Smith
Education: B.S. Biology, Environmental Studies Certificate, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Cartographic design

Zach Stalter-ClouseZach Stalter-Clouse
Education: Environmental Science, Conservation, Goshen College, Indiana
Application Interest: Conservation and habitat restoration, land management.

Joe TavanoJoe Tavano
Education: B.S., Business Administration,
Upper Iowa University
Application Interest: Urban planning, transportation, cartographic design, web-based mapping solutions, business intelligence

James TouhillJames Touhill
Education: B.A., Geography,
Rhode Island College
Application Interest: Transportation, urban planning

Ana WellsAna Wells
Education: Ph.D., Soil Science
Application Interest: Distribution of plant communities from ecological disturbance

Will WestburyWill Westbury
Education: B.S. Policial Science & Environmental Science, UW-Madison
Application Interest:

Jacques WesleyJacques Wesley
Education: B.A. Community and Environmental Sociology, Environmental Studies Certificate, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Urban planning / development and related social justice issues

Shelley Witte Shelley Witte
Education: B.S. Earth Science Education, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Science communication

Alex ZarleyAlex Zarley
Education: B.A, Classics, Archaeology Certificate, UW-Madison
Application Interest: Archaeology