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Dr. Jack Williams' interests center primarily on vegetation dynamics and vegetation-climate interactions, with a specific focus in both late-Quaternary dynamics and 21st-century changes.

His research program combines elements of GIS, field- and lab-based research, and modeling of vegetation dynamics. The Williams Lab includes both computing facilities and facilities for processing and analyzing pollen and lake sediments. Students at the Williams Lab also collaborate with other paleoecology and paleoclimatology labs on campus such as the Center for Climatic Research and the Quaternary Paleoecology Lab and the Limnological Research Center at the University of Minnesota.

Check out Pollen Viewer for animated maps of late-glacial plant migrations and expansions -- we think they're pretty nifty! (Static versions of selected maps shown above.)

The Geography Department at the University of Wisconsin is one of the top Geography programs in the country and is an excellent place to pursue interdisciplinary research into environmental change. Other interdisciplinary research centers on campus include the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies (also headquarted in Science Hall) and the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE).

Madison is a great place to live and work, and Science Hall, the location of the Geography Department, is right in the middle of campus, next to the Memorial Union and the Terrace.

If you are interested in joining the Williams Lab, please contact Dr. Williams by email. You can find more information about the graduate program by clicking here for more information about the graduate program, and more information about the undergraduate program by clicking here.

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