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The Williams Lab is part of the Physical Geography facilities on the second-floor wing of Science Hall (room 201).

In 2004, this space was a simple classroom in the north wing of the 2nd floor. Renovations took two years (the price of working in a historic building), but by fall 2006 the lab was a fully functional pollen- and database-analysis lab.

The lab provides both computational facilities for database analysis and vegetation modeling and physical facilities for palynology, charcoal analysis, organic coulometry, loss-on-ignition, and sediment processing. Major lab equipment include a drying oven, muffle furnace, dessicator, reverse flow hood, centrifuge, compound microscopes, stereomicroscope, electronic balance, a walk-in cold storage room, and Macintosh and PC computers. Field equipment includes Livingstone corer with Bolivian adaptor, canoes, and coring platform, with additional field gear available from the Center for Climatic Research. We routinely run sediment cores up to Minnesota's Limnological Research Center for core logging and photos. The geomorphology labs (Profs. Mason and Knox) are equipped with a spectrophotometer, muffle furnace, reverse-flow hoods, balances, sonic sifter, coulter counter, chittick apparatus, centrifuges, total survey stations, Giddings drill rig, and trailer-mounted drill rig. The Geography department also maintains a state-of-the-art GIS lab.

(photos courtesy of Melanie McCalmont, 2006)

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