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William (Bill) Denevan

Carl O. Sauer Professor Emeritus

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Selected Publications

Recent Publications

"Population Estimates for Anthropogenically Enriched Soils (Amazonian Dark Earths)," co-author, in Soils, Climate, and Society, University of Colorado Press, 2013.

"Estimating Amazonian Indian Numbers in 1492," Journal of Latin American Geography, 2014.

"The Domestication of Amazonia Before European Conquest," co-author, Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biology, 2015.

Other Activities


June, 2015: Bill writes that he recently published - To Pass on a Good Earth: The Life and Work of Carl O. Sauer, by Michael Williams, with David Lowenthal and William M. Denevan, University of Virginia Press, 2014.

The late Michael Williams, Oxford University, was a visiting professor in the department in the 1980s. Lowenthal, professor emeritus at University College London, did graduate work and was a T.A. in geography and received his Ph.D. in History at UW in 1954. Denevan is professor emeritus in the department, on the faculty from 1963 to 1994. Sauer was a visiting professor in 1966.

December, 2012: Bill writes that after 66 years of playing tennis he played his final match in November (due to declining equilibrium) but otherwise is in great health! Bill sure hasn't slowed down on the publication front. His recent articles: "The Columbian Encounter and the Little Ice Age" (co-author, Annals of the Association of American Geographers), "The Pristine Myth Revisited" (Geographical Review), and "Rewriting the Late Pre-European History of Amazonia," (Journal of Latin American Geography).

Contact Information

Email: : williamdenevan@gmail.com