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Matt Turner

Professor of Geography

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Ph.D., Univ of California-Berkeley, 1992

Research Areas

Political ecology, development theory, politics of conservation and conservation science, remote sensing/GIS applications to natural resource management, pastoralism and common property theory, ecology of tropical savanna/steppe vegetation, range ecology

Courses Taught

Geography 355: Africa South of the Sahara
Geography 765: Intro. to Geogrphic Inquiry & Analysis

Selected Publications

Turner, M.D. 2003. Methodological reflections on the use of remote sensing and geographic information science in human ecological research. Human Ecology 31 (2):255-279.
Turner, M.D. and P. Hiernaux. 2002. The use of herders' accounts to map livestock activities across agropastoral landscapes in Semi-Arid Africa. Landscape Ecology 17 (5):367-385.
Turner, M.D. and T.O. Williams. 2002. Livestock market dynamics and local vulnerabilities in the Sahel. World Development 30 (4):683-705.
Turner, M.D. 2000. Drought, domestic budgeting, and changing wealth distribution within Sahelian households. Development and Change 31:1009-1035.
Turner, M.D. 1999. Merging local and regional analyses of land-use change: The case of livestock in the Sahel. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 89(2): 191-219.
Turner, M.D. 1999. Spatial and temporal scaling of grazing impact on the species composition and productivity of Sahelian annual grasslands. Journal of Arid Environments 41(3): 277-297.
Turner, M.D. 1999. Labor process and the environment: The effects of labor availability and compensation on the quality of herding in the Sahel. Human Ecology 27(2): 267-296.
Turner, M.D. 1999. Conflict, environmental change, and social institutions in dryland Africa: Limitations of the community resource management approach. Society and Natural Resources 12:643-657.

Graduate Students and Postdocs

PhD Students
Morgan Robertson "Ecosystem commodification through commerical wetland mitigation banking practice in the United States"
Mara Goldman "Expanding the boundaries of conservation science: Community based wildlife protection in the Maasai ecosystem, Tanzania"
Bamba Diop "Managing wildlife beyond political boundaries: The Niokolo/Badiar case"
Chris Duvall "Spatial and temporal distribution of useful plants and plant use by humans and chimpanzees in southwestern Mali"
Gordon Robertson "The environmental legacy of historic human activity in the Scottish highlands: The case from Knoydart"
Dan Mensher "Whose fish are these? The impact of decentralization on Bozo fishers in Mali"

M.A. Students
Neeyla Nyandal "Policy-driven drought and small farm(er) survival in South India: A case study from Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh"
Salim Mohammed "Coping without water: A gendered approach to water distribution to slums in Bangalore, India"

Other Activities

BASIS Research Program on Poverty, Inequality and Development

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
340 Science Hall

Email: : mturner2@wisc.edu