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Erika Marin-Spiotta

Assistant Professor of Geography

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Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
B.S., Stanford University

Research Areas

Land-use/land-cover & climatic change effects on biogeochemistry & biodiversity

Mechanisms of soil organic matter stabilization Hydrologic controls on carbon & nutrient transport

Nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystems New species assemblages effects on ecosystem structure & function

Restoration of ecosystem goods & services

Human drivers of land-use/land-cover change

My research integrates field and lab experimental work across different scales, from andscape-level effects of changes in land use on species composition and carbon pools, to molecular changes in organic matter chemistry. I use stable and radioisotopes, spectroscopic, and analytical techniques to quantify process rates, identify sources and sinks, and better understand underlying mechanisms controlling stabilization and losses of organic matter and elements within and across ecosystems. For more information on my research go to my lab website.

If you are interested in joining my research group, please send me an e-mail describing your research interests, past experience, and your CV.

Courses Taught

Geography 120: Global Physical Environments
Geography 338: Biogeography: An Ecosystems Approach

Geog 338 takes an ecosystems approach to understand how physical (climate, geology, soils…) and biological (competition, dispersal, migration…) factors affect the distribution of terrestrial biomes, ecosystem types, and biodiversity. Attention will be focused on the relative importance of these factors at different spatial scales: global, regional, landscape, and at the level of communities. Importance will be given to the role of disturbance, and in particular to recent anthropogenic climatic and land-use changes as well as biological invasions, on differences in pre-historical and present day species distribution.

Contact Information

Email: : marinspiotta@wisc.edu