Geography 575

Spring 2012 Student Final Project Interactives

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Final Maps:

Madison Gap Map ThumbnailWetland Gems Viewer

authors: Chris Long, Madeline Emde, Danielle Lee | video: Wetland Gems Viewer

Geoportals leverage the connection between vision and cognition to improve the understanding and access to diverse types of data. Applying intuitive well-theorized browsing methods to a rich collection of pictures, texts and maps. The Wetland Gems Mapper (WGM) facilitates an efficient user-friendly browsing experience of these documents.

weevil viewer thumbnailWeevil Viewer

authors: Julia Janicki, Max Conway, Chao He Guo | video: Weevil Viewer

This map explores systematic entomology and is build around a state-wide survey of Wisconsin's four families of primitive weevils (Nemonychidae, Anthribidae, Attelabidae, Brentidae).

visualizing urbanization thumbnailVisualizing Urbanization

author: Magdalena Wisniewska | video: Visualizing Urbanization

Interactive map of population and land cover change in lower Silesia, Poland. The map supports Master's thesis work in visualizing urbanization in the province by demonstrating the spatial patterns of urbanization as measured by two different data sources and convincing the user that only one source does not tell the whole story.

cmrs spectrum map thumbnailCommercial Mobile Radio Service Wireless Spectrum

author: Michael Brunner | video: Commercial Mobile Radio Service Wireless Spectrum

This map gives users the ability to parse through a large data set of wireless service spectrum, visually, to help them make good decisions. In many ways the tool is designed as a simple geovisual analytic tool, in that it provides access to data in an unbiased way for the purpose of decision making and action taking.

hiestand park Hiestand Park Disc Golf Map

authors: Bobby Marshment–Howell, Jon Fanis, Lizzi Slivinski | video: Hiestand Park Disc Golf Map

When going to a disc golf course, it is often hard to figure out where on the course you are and the positions of each hole relative to each other. By providing a map that users can interact with, it will help them relieve some of the confusion about the layout of the course and help simplify some of the essential information about the game of disc golf.

green bay lake vis thumbnailGreen Bay Lake Vis

author: Marty Elmer | video: Green Bay Lake Vis

current trends thumbnailCurrent Trends

authors: Isaac Dorsch, Nicholas Johnson, Wes Gillman | video: Current Trends

Interactive map exploring 20 years of US electrical power production. Allows uses to filter by various fuel sources and production methods, and make temporal comparisons between states.

madison gap map thumbnailMadison Gap Map

authors: Carl Sack, Katrina Schweikert, and Gregory Lehner | video: Madison Gap Map

The Madison GapMap is an interactive web map that tells the story of inequality between white and non-white students' achievement in local schools, and how demographic change is impacting this 'achievement gap.'