Sense of Place

University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus


The University of Wisconsin-Madison campus is central to the city of Madison. It sits on an isthmus with two large lakes to each side. The campus area spans across 936 acres in a predominantly Urban environment

Places in the physical environment that enhance sense of place include public places where people meet
The map below shows the parks on campus as well as other popular public places people come together


The university has 42,595 students. 28,897 undergraduates and 9,358 postgraduates.
If the entire campus was represented by 100 people...


The map below shows the result of a survey taken by UW Students in which they indicated places they go for various activities

Larger circles indicate a higher popularity

Mental Maps are useful when looking at a person's perception of the area around them.
These maps can be used to determine the subjective qualities of a place.

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Chait Gaddam. 2013