Mapping the X-Files

Though the series is long over, this project seeks to map all of the various locations visited by Scully and Mulder during their seven seasons together. In the same year that The X-Files first aired, Mosaic released the first web browser allowing graphical access to content on the internet. By the end of its first season, the series was already considered a 'cult hit'.

The show garnered popularity both nationally and internationally just as digital communications became mainstream. The X-Files fans became known as 'X-Philes', with the ability to communicate their loyalty to the show through unofficial websites, listeservs, and fanfiction. Had mapping been as accessible then as it is today, I believe the X-Philes interacted with the show through mapping the locations visited by Agents Scully and Mulder.

Location plays an integral part of the series; each episode carefully notes the movements of the agents. Geography was so important that the producer, Chris Carter, released a book titled 'The Official Map of The X-Files' which spurred fan pilgrimages across the United States to visit the locations used as sets during the series, as well as the places that episodes purportedly occurred.

Below I have made accessible internet based maps for the first seven seasons, which can be viewed individually or cumulatively. Additionally, the World Map shows all the places that appeared in the series outside of the United States. If you would like to learn more about how the data and sources of this map, please click About the Maps.