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Map Gallery

Here are just some examples of maps you can find in our map gallery!

Interactive Mapping

The digital revolution has changed how we make maps, how we use them, and how we think about them. The rapid and concurrent developments in desktop computing capabilities, the availability of digital geospatial data, and the growth of the Internet have radically changed the cartographic landscape. At this interactive mapping station you can explore some interactive maps created by students in the Department of Geography's Cartographic Lab as well as in Prof. Mark Harrower's Animated and Web-Based Mapping course. 

Animated Maps developed by the UW Cartographic Lab

Paper Maps

Student Maps from the Department of Geography Cartography Courses

Place for People and Pandas: Strategies for Landscape Recovery and Giant Panda Conservation in the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake Region PR China

Local Fare Tri-State Area 2009 Fall Directory Map
Local Fare promotes local grown foods, in order to promote the vast regional agricultural resources in the Tri-State Area. This particular map is a supplement to the promotional directory for quick reference to see what is in a particular area and help you identify were too look to find further information.

SWWRPC Comprehensive Planning Projects
The Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission strives to provide a multitude of excellent services to Our 5 Counties. We have provided Comprehensive Planning Services for 130 of our 149 local jurisdictions to date with the hopes of doing the same for another 3 jurisdictions next year. We have also provided 5 County Plans over the years. Comprehensive Planning is just one of the efforts of the RPC, which also includes economic development and transportation planning.

Fitchburg Mass Transit Analysis

Map showing bus usage in Fitchburg and resident input for popular destinations

History of the Dane County Map for Bicyclists. This poster is a collage of the maps published over the last 30 years.

Texas: Designed as an insert for a Nature Conservancy campaign brochure.  

Mississippi River: Designed as a promotion to show the connectedness of the Mississippi River region and to highlight their project sites for The Nature Conservancy.


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