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13 March Yi-Fu Talk– Environmental Governance and the New Amazonian Frontier in São Felix do Xingu

Marianne Schmink

Marianne Schmink, University of Florida
Latin American and Conservation Studies

Since the 1990s, the Amazonian municipality of São Felix do Xingu (SFX), Brazil, has received widespread media attention as one of Amazonia’s “new frontiers” of rapid deforestation, landgrabbing, violent land conflicts, and slave labor regimes overseen by organized groups of gunslingers at the service of large cattle ranch investors. Through several waves of resource exploitation and in-migration beginning in the 1970s, deforestation of much of the extensive forests in SFX had given way by the 2000s to pastures supporting Brazil’s largest cattle herd, while population continued to grow exponentially. In response, federal authorities acted decisively in the early 2000s with a series of environmental governance shocks. This exploratory study examined the perspectives of people in key groups of local producers (ranchers and small farmers) and of urban supporters (government, NGO, social movements, merchants), regarding the impact of the measures undertaken since 2006 in São Felix, and the sustainable development strategies currently being proposed by the municipal government and its partners. 

 Friday, March 13th at 3:30pm in Science Hall - Rm 180