29 April-Yi-Fu Talk: Over Vietnam: A History and Politics of Aerial Perspective

David Biggs, University of California - Riverside, History Department

Because of war, Vietnam was one of the most aerially photographed countries in the world before 1975. This collection of photography includes American Army Air Force photos from 1943-45, French air photography in the 1930s and 1950s, millions of U.S. military photos after 1965 and U.S. spy satellite photographs taken in the late 1960s as well as multispectral scans in the 1970s. These collections comprise a rich, largely unexplored set of historical and geographic documents about Vietnamese landscapes during periods of war. This talk explores the history of aerial photography in Vietnam, the roles it played in shaping military and civil perspectives, and the politics of aerial perspective then and today.

Friday at 3:30 in Room 180 Science Hall

Geography junior awarded fellowship to develop water quality project in rural Ecuador

Geography junior Amelia Rossa (along with fellow undergrads Joshua Kalman and Caden Lambie), in partnership with the Ceiba Foundation, has been awarded a 2016-17 Wisconsin Idea Fellowship to implement a water quality monitoring project in coastal Ecuador.

The project was one of nine selected for the 18th annual Wisconsin Idea Fellowships, a program that awards undergraduate projects working to solve issues identified by local or global communities. Fellowships are awarded to semester-long or year-long projects designed by an undergraduate student or group of students in collaboration with a community organization and a UW-Madison faculty or staff member.

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